Download Behavioral Consistency Checker


BCC is currently pre-release phase. It is distributed as an Eclipse plugin.

NEW ! The Eclipse plugin of BCC validation is available at http://move.lip6.fr/software/BCC/updatesite/

As of Nov 1, 2009, it is tested on Eclipse Galileo Modeling Tools distribution. This Eclipse distribution contains the appropriate dependencies (EMF, UML2 tools...). It is also tested in Rational Software Architect Standard Edition 7.5.4, where it combines with the IBM provided validation rules. Please note that this is an alpha stage release, so problems might be encountered. Please contact us by mail (Yann.Thierry-Mieg@lip6.fr) if you encounter any problems.

An older prototype packaged as a standalone application is distributed as a Zip archive containing an executable jar file.
BCC 1.1 (current)
Simply unzip, then execute the jar bcc-1.1.jar. e.g java -jar bcc-1.1.jar or just double-click the jar file.

To learn how to use the standalone version of BCC, please refer to the user guide.


For the Eclipse plugin version, first create a new modeling project, then import the example models we provide to check the plugin is working. The validation service is invoked by right-clicking a "package" element in the EMF-UML editor and selecting validate. The operation may take up to a minute to complete, though the progress bar is not yet implemented. Results of the validation are reported in the Eclipse problem view (if any problems are detected). We provide screenshots with these models showing the outcome of the call to the validation service as obtained on our platforms (PC, Mac).